CALL FOR ART: “Interiors” Exhibit

CALL FOR ART: “Interiors” Exhibit


by Katelyn Coyne

Ignite Studio at the Hamilton East Public Library in Fishers has opened a call for art for our next exhibit, “Interiors.” We are seeking art in a variety of mediums including painting, sketching, collage, mixed media, photography, assemblage, ceramics and sculpture.

ABOUT “Interiors”

As daylight diminishes and temperatures drop, we start spending more time inside. In turn, we reflect more on our interior spaces, whether that be our thoughts or actual physical spaces. For this exhibit, we are looking for work that speaks to this. Interiors can refer to the inside of a building, room, or the inner layers of something in room such as a cabinet or closet. It can refer to the inside of a natural object such a piece of fruit or tree. Internally, it may represent a feeling or wish. It can also refer to items used to define a space such as plants, wall coverings, shelves, light, objets d’ art, etc.

If you would like to submit your artwork for consideration, please follow the submission guidelines below.

Deadline to submit is Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022.


Submit all required materials via email to

  • Name and email address
  • 1 – 3 images of work for consideration
  • Painting, sketching, collage, mixed media, photography, ceramics and sculpture are all accepted


Subject line of email should include the above info for all pieces in this format:

  • Subject: The Road Less Traveled, Oil, 12×20, $270; Self-Portrait, Acrylic, 18×30, $300; Sunrise, Mixed Media, 8×16, NFS


Each image within the document should include the following information:

  • Title of work
  • Material/Medium
  • Size
  • Price



Artwork should be dropped off on the appropriate dates as specified by Ignite Studio upon notification of acceptance of work. Artwork on display in Ignite Studio can be sold by the artist. Ignite does not take commission or handle any transactions. Work that is sold must remain on display through the duration of exhibit and will be marked with a red dot upon notification of its sale from the artist.

Artwork will be displayed in Ignite Studio, located on the lower level of Hamilton East Public Library in Fishers.

Join us for an Artist Reception on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022. Stop by and see “Interiors” on display Nov. 26-January 13, 2023.

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